About Us

Everest Sherpa Expedition

Everest Sherpa Expedition is an eminent treks and expedition organizer based in Nepal. We organize professional treks and expeditions in the crown jewels of the Himalayas. The company specializes at Himalayan 8000-meter peaks and other significant treks over Nepal. With the founding members as IFMGA/UIAGM Guides, we have built an indelible trust and loyalty with our customers.

The company has a history of organizing several significant expeditions in the Himalayas. From assisting many mountain-cleanliness campaigns to discovering the new height of Mt. Everest, our board members have been involved in nationally recognized events. With a dignified board as well as a competent team of guides, Everest Sherpa Expedition has become one of the most trusted expedition organizers in the Nepal Himalaya.

Customer satisfaction and delivering the experience that lasts a lifetime are the foundations of our company. We are proud to mention that till date there has not been any dissatisfaction in any of our expedition.

“A satisfied customer is the best advertisement.” We aim at the prior!

We are located at Kathmandu, the Capital city of Nepal for the access of administrative and procedural preparations. Our warehouses and stores are located on the lap of Himalayas, around Nepal for the easy access to logistics.